Condition: Yellow - responsible preparation, and fun, for an unpredictable world

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  1. The Fifth Rule of Gun Safety – Condition: Yellow
    […] shooters unconsciously adhere to the four rules of gun safety. These rules are perfect and need no addition to ensure that our actions cause no harm to ourselves […]
  2. Negligence at Range365 – Condition: Yellow
    […] neither safe nor unsafe. Only a person is safe or unsafe. A safe individual is one who adheres to the 4 rules of gun safety without compromise and who never, ever cedes their responsibility to a mechanism or gadget. As this […]
  3. Your Weapon’s Status – Condition: Yellow
    […] All guns stored or staged, are always unloaded (and yet always treated as though they are loaded). […]
  4. ReplyRBT
    Is there any way to get a poster like this?
    • Andy Rutledge
      I appreciate you asking, but as I made that graphic for my employer some years ago I cannot make posters of it.

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