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Cold-Weather Pistol Drills

First cold day of the year so I broke out the layers. Had to remember how to defeat the clothing layers to get to my EDC gun and magazines. Part of it went good and part of it was a disaster. This is why it’s called training.

Cold-weather reload drill:

Cold-weather “bro, do you even accuracy” drill. Here, I did not even.

Evaluating Pocket Pistols

This month I’m evaluating a bevvy of pocket pistols for an upcoming comparative review. Specifically I’ve been shooting the S&W Bodyguard, the Glock 42, and the Ruger LCP II. These are all very small handguns and all chambered in .380. I’ve been shooting them mostly one-handed; both lefty and righty. I find these little subcompacts a bit easier to shoot one-handed than with two. I’m forming some specific opinions and look forward to sharing them with you in my gun review on the Eagle Gun Range blog in a few days.

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