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Kit Review: The Bravo Concealment Torsion Holster and Double Mag Pouch

Bravo Concealment has been making holsters and other accessories for more than 10 years and their products are deservedly well known. One of these newer holsters is the Torsion IWB holster and its distinctive for its native ability to torque the grip of your pistol in toward your body in order to enhance concealment.

Full disclosure: I recently received the Torsion holster and a double magazine pouch from Bravo Concealment to use and evaluate for review. I carry a pistol IWB and double magazine pouch OWB all day every day so I’ve been trying these components out and putting them through their paces for normal everyday carry and for dynamic defensive drills at the range. Here follows my raw evaluation of this kit.

Bravo Concealment Torsion holster and double magazine pouch

Features and Components

The first thing to note is that the Torsion holster does not come in a model that accommodates a weapon light, so while using this holster I had to slightly alter my normal EDC with a pistol that doesn’t have a light. I know that not everyone carries a pistol with a light mounted, so that may not matter everyone. I prefer to have a light as do many other EDCers, so this missing configuration is something of a disqualifier in some cases.

But there’s plenty this holster does have. The holster accommodates a threaded barrel, tall sights (up to .355”), and a pistol with a red-dot sight. These are very nice pluses and I’m sure many folks will warm to those features of the Torsion holster.

The Torsion holster can be run anywhere on the belt and when using both of the holster’s clips, the holster does do a good job turning the pistol’s grip in toward your body. That’s a very nice concealment trait and more manufacturers should devise similar features. If you’d like to wear the holster tucked in, however, you’ll need to remove the secondary clip. The holster rides just fine with the single clip and I found it to be quite comfortable and stable. The clips are made so that they’re very unlikely to ever come out when you draw your pistol. I like these clips.

One problem with the single-clip configuration (the way I prefer to use it) is that the holster loses the torsion characteristic, meaning the holster does not tilt the pistol grip into your body. The result is not terrible, however, just not as good as with both clips. I think it’s a viable option, but the single-clip concealment is not really as good as some other holster (my normal edc holster, for instance) and I see this as a knock against it.

wearing the Bravo Concealment Torsion holster

showing no torsion

The double magazine pouch is sturdily made, but it has a few flaws that I find pretty annoying.

Firstly, the mag pouch has a slightly curved profile so that it better fits your body contours, but I found the curve to be far too slight. The pouch needs to have a more pronounced curve if it is to be properly form-fitting and comfortable. Secondly, the way it’s made to allow the belt loops to bolt onto the back of the pouch leaves far too much material in the way on the outside front edge of the holster. This “wing” of the pouch gets in the way of your index finger when you go for a magazine. I found it to be pretty uncomfortable and clumsy. Moreover, the pouch rides too high so that the top is about 3/4” above your belt line. This puts material in your way when you go to index and draw your magazine.

mag pouch

Lastly, the mag pouch configuration places the two magazines far too close to one another. When going for a magazine quickly, as for an emergency reload, I found my hand was all over the second magazine and when training I managed to pull out both magazines a couple of times, dumping one onto the ground. I remember this flaw from a few years ago when I used a previous generation of Bravo Concealment mag pouch. I ultimately switched to another brand that does a better job in the configuration.

The Kydex used for both the Torsion holster and the double magazine pouch are of good quality and texture; glassy smooth on the inside and lightly textured on the outside. Feels like material that’ll last quite a long time and stand up to much abuse.

Observations From the Range

I adjusted the single holster clip to its lowest setting to allow for the deepest ride in the appendix position where I carry it and I believe that most folks will like that ride height, as it allows for a full grip on the pistol before drawing. As for me, I found that it was still too high a ride for my taste (I use deep concealment and draw differently than many folks). So that’s not really an objective ding against the holster, it’s just not for me.

running drills

I ran quite a few dynamic drills that included running, crouching, drawing from concealment, executing speed reloads, etc… and had relatively few problems—most of which are detailed above in the previous section. The one thing I didn’t like about the holster was that the higher-than-normal ride height caused the pistol to bounce around a bit too much when I was running. I didn’t get a very secure feeling from the holster in those running passages, but it did stay in place. So no real problems.

For more insights and a far more detailed look at the features, check out the full review video on my Youtube channel.


Overall, I’ll give the Bravo Concealment Torsion holster a solid B. It could have been a B+ had the holster accommodated a light-bearing pistol. The double magazine pouch I’ll give a C. Bravo Concealment should do much better on that item and I’m sure they can if they decide to.

I’m going to hang onto this holster as I’m sure I can get some use out of it in some cases where I can’t carry in the appendix position. I’d like for it to conceal better in the single-clip configuration, but it’s still better than 90% of the holsters out there. The price is excellent for what you get and I believe that many folks will love this holster.

EDC 2017

by Andy Rutledge 2 Comments

My everyday carry complement stays pretty consistent, but I do change out components and sometimes add or remove an item. Here is my current EDC kit, with notes to follow:

edc 2017

My EDC complement includes the following:

…and it all rides on or near a Core Essentials Trakline rigid-core EDC belt.

Yes, this means I’ve got 3 full magazines of 9mm on me at all times. We are at war and in wartime one never knows whether a life-and-death situation means a lone mugger or a team of trained terrorists in a public place. Might take a few rounds to get out (or get my family out) safety.

If you’re a responsible citizen, I hope you have a similar EDC complement, with at least a good pistol, backup mag, light, tourniquet, and at at least one knife. Hang as much of it as possible on your belt to keep your pockets free. Stay safe, stay trained, and be vigilant.

Inforce APLc Light

For a while I’ve been a Surefire XC1 man and have that on both my carry gun and bedside-defense pistol. A strange anomaly I’ve discovered while training at the range (more later) has convinced me that something better might be in order. So I’m trying the next best thing–so far as size and functionality are concerned. Today my new Inforce APLc light arrived.

I’m putting this one on my new-ish Glock 19 Gen 5. I’ve ordered a holster to accommodate this new configuration and we’ll see how that works out, soon.

Inforce APLc

Rifle Ready Mount

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

Today I put up a wall-mounted ready rack for a rifle in my office. It’s a simple, padded bracket from Hold Up Displays. It mounts into a stud or into drywall (screws and heavy-duty drywall anchors included) and has a rubber-covered hanger bracket. Works like a charm and is still handsome when it’s unoccupied.

This is brand new, so I cannot report on its durability or just how well the bracket handles heavier burdens. Time will tell, but I’m very happy with it at this point.

Hold Up rifle wall mount

Actually, this is the orientation I prefer…

rifle wall mount