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Got a Nice Gift

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

Walked into the gun range yesterday and they said they had a package for me. Which is odd, because I don’t order items and have them shipped to the gun range, unless it’s a firearm for FFL transfer.

Anyway, seems that a super nice guy named David enjoyed one of my blog posts on the Eagle Gun Range blog and sent me a channel-cleaning tool that he makes as a thank-you. Well, thank you, David!

Made my day!

channel-cleaning tool

First Shot With the Bushmaster BA50

My first time ever shooting .50BMG. Felt soft, but violent; like being shoved by a buddy. I like this buddy. What you hear after the shot is what you hear after every .50BMG shot: joyous laughter. 🙂

I’m holding the front of the magwell to ensure that it was 100% snugged into my body. I didn’t want to chance a sucker punch.

I bore-sighed the barrel at the 2″ target at 50 yards and then dialed the scope onto that. First shot was 2″ right (the shot shown in this vid). Corrected and put 3 more on target (1″ low for 100-yd shot next): 2 shots from me and let a friend take the last one.

On paper now and ready for 100-to-200-yard walk-out for zero next!

Training With Kyle

After years of acquaintance on Twitter, I finally met and got to train with Kyle Southerland at the Proactive Defense gun range. We did lots of good pistol work and rifle drills. It was a blast and I look forward to the next time. Gig ’em!

Pistol Build 2017 .300BLK

I recently built an 8″ upper for my .300BLK SBR, but later decided I liked my standard 10.3″ upper on that one. Since I now had an extra upper assembly, I went out yesterday and bought an Aero Precision lower blank and built a new AR pistol with the spare parts I had and a Sig arm brace. Because I can. Can’t wait to try this one out this weekend!

  • Upper and lower receivers: Aero Precision (blanks)
  • Barrel: Ballistic Advantage 8″
  • Rail: ALG 8″

AR15 pistol in .300 BLK

Glock Redux

As a design professional, I care greatly about good design. As a firearms enthusiast and almost-daily shooter, I care about quality gun manufacturing and reliability. Given these concerns, I own, carry, and shoot Glock pistols almost exclusively.

Glocks are the most reliable firearms on the planet. Additionally, they are unadorned by the useless and dangerous features and controls found on many popular pistols. This makes a Glock pistol the perfect carry choice for the pragmatic and responsible citizen. But that logo, though.

Glock logo


Just look at the Glock pistols in these color photographs (above). They deserve something better than the terrible logo!

A Glock pistol is plain, elegant in its simplicity, and serious. The Glock logo is …well, it’s bad. The logo is neither plain nor elegant nor simple nor serious. In fact, it’s rather silly. From a design standpoint, the Glock logo is awful design. The type—for both the name and the tagline—is ill suited to the characteristics of the brand and the products. In short, to see the logo is to understand nothing about the brand or the products. As a designer, this fact disturbs me every time I see the logo. It eats at me. So I decided to engage in a logo redesign as a cathartic exercise. This exercise is for me, but I thought some of you might enjoy it, too.

Problems With the Branding

The Glock brand is carried entirely on the shoulders of the products; the pistols, in specific. The current logo is a silly and contradictory intrusion into the brand. It is a needless liability.

Glock’s visual branding is …well, it’s all over the place. There are many typefaces used, and in various ways, and none of them pair well, look good, or represent the brand well. For example:

Glock type

This is a mess. Too many typefaces used too many ways, and with too little consideration for branding.

The only interesting feature in these examples is how the Eurostile Extended font “0” is somewhat similar in shape to the “G” of the current logo. One wonders if that was the origin of the shape for the “Glock” logomark. This shape is also mildly similar to the back end of the slide on a Glock pistol. We’ll circle back to that in a bit.

Glock’s demonstrable or visible characteristic adjectives include:

  • plain (almost spartan)
  • simple
  • elegant (in simplicity)
  • blocky (the common pun for Glock is to call it a Block)
  • efficient
  • reliable (boringly so)
  • classic (Glocks have changed very little over the years)
  • solid
  • serious
  • hard (very little is done to soften a Glock pistol’s lines)

glock logo

The current Glock logo is busy, complex, and visually anxious. Lines are not serious or solid, but whimsical and fragile, and lines within lines speak to complexity, not simplicity. The rounded ends of the type seem juvenile; this font would make a good one for a children’s book. It is badly used as logotype for a firearm brand.

We need something solid here; something simple and plain, but serious and substantial, like the lines and shapes of the product. Let’s redo this logo.

Glock Redux

I’ve long believed that Glock’s logotype should have weight to it. It makes sense that the font’s shape should reflect the product in some way—much like the current logomark is somewhat similar to the slide shape, but without silly aesthetic or light lines. Here’s what I first looked at:

slide shapes

This was feeling right, so I started to try typefaces and later moved onto just drawing the letter shapes. I aimed for the more vertical or square aspect rather than the literal horizontal rectangle shape. I tried to find a way to represent both the rounded corners and the sharp corners…

type trials

With the last effort at drawing the letter shapes, I landed on what I thought had the right combination of width and height, rounded corners and sharp edges…and it even looked a little retro. What it didn’t have was an element of distinctiveness. I played around with a few things, but settled on a deformation of the “G” character as the point of distinction.

So after more trial modifications and iteration, I landed on this for the Glock logo redux:

Glock Redux, by Andy Rutledge

In seriousness, which of these looks like perfection to you?

Glock Perfection redux, by Andy Rutledge

The tagline font hearkens back to something similar to what Glock used in the 30-year anniversary media. Their choice was Eurostile Extended, but I’ve opted for Eurostile. It has a similar feel and shape to the new logotype shapes and utilizes precedent. Somewhat.

Here’s the full complement of logo uses:

Glock Redux by Andy Rutledge

…on Glock pistols, I’ve neither reimagined nor greatly repositioned the text elements. I just changed the logo and the info typeface (from Arial or whatever to Eurostile)…

Glock 19 redux, by Andy Rutledge

Glock 43 Redux, by Andy Rutledge

[I believe the original photo above was taken by Mr. Colion Noir]

And let’s not forget swag:

Glock Redux shirt, by Andy Rutledge


Okay, that was fun. For me, at least. I know one should not go seriously messing with a company’s branding, but this is not serious. It’s just some fun and catharsis for me. I took all of about 5 hours to think about, do the exercise, create the graphics, and write this article. A real logo redesign would take weeks or months and the result would likely be far better than this. But if you’re a designer this all might give you something to consider, and if you’re a designer shooter this all might give you something to dream about.

in seriousness, I do hope folks at Glock, Inc. think about these things and in the future and work to bring a respectable or even mildly appropriate logo to their august brand. In the mean time, we’ll have to live with a crap logo on great pistols.

If you like redux articles, I’ve been known to do a few

Remington 700 VTR Chassis .308

by Andy Rutledge 2 Comments

I got to put my hands on and bunch of rounds through my friend Keith’s Remington 700 VTR chassis .308 today. I have to say it’s a fantastic setup. It’s about the lightest chassis .308 I’ve ever picked up. Thoroughly enjoyed shooting this bad boy. Check out the triangular barrel and integral brake cuts!

Rem700 VTR .308

I Like Magazines

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

No, I mean magazines you read. One of my favorites is Worth magazine. It has interesting and valuable information interspersed with the fluff and filler. The design of this magazine is excellent. As a designer, I’m compelled to spend time turning the pages and enjoying the experience. Every month. You? Any other zineophiles out there?

Oh, magazines are even better when your Glock 30s is sitting demurely on the table near you.

Worth magazine

Meeting Manny

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

I’m happy that Twitter friend @mannymacfly accepted my invitation this past Saturday to join me for some shooting at Proactive Defense. It was great finally meeting Manny and we had a good time doing some pistol and AR drills and Manny tested out his new AR pistol build. Nice one!

Due to a couple of classes that morning, we were relegated to the short bay, but we managed to get in some mag-exchange and multi-target drills. So glad you came, Manny! Looking forward to next time.

Manny running his new AR pistol