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Summer Fatigue Drill at 20 Yards

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

Fatigue-Drill season is starting. It was only 91F this morning so I did 11 reps of this drill to start the season.

As always, I’m running from concealment (the only way I train) and this drill requires a full magazine. Keys are proper technique and accuracy maintained throughout, even though fatigue sets in and heart rates skyrockets.

Get Her to Safety!

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

In this drill, my buddy John plays the part of my wife, where an active shooter attacks folks in public. As the defender, I have to physically move my panic-striken and fronzen-up wife to safety while returning covering fire and getting a couple of hits on the bad guy.

Once secured behind cover, I ambush the assailant, ending the threat.

Tough to get good hits while running away and encumbered by a frightened loved one, but it’s a good drill to practice.

Raw Pistol Training: Surreptitious Draw

Something different in today’s pistol drills. This is a hidden, slow, deliberate, surreptitious draw from concealment to then engage a criminal who is perpetrating violence or deadly force on someone else.

It’s interesting trying to draw one-handed, slowly, and without telltale body movements that might attract a criminal’s attention.

Raw Training: Multi-target Pistol Drills

Warts, misses, and all. Here I’m just working at 10 yards on a couple of 8″ steel plates, doing multi-target drills from concealment with my EDC rig. It’s raw, so plenty of misses and such.

I like working a lot of these kinds of simple drills, drawing from a concealed holster to put accurate hits on target quickly. It doesn’t always go perfectly, which is why we call it training. Aim is to get better over time.

Twenty-Five Yards From Concealment

Today I was targeting a little 6″ circle at 25 yards for time, from concealment. I like doing this drill both as a competence checkup and as a technique-building drill. I do it at least twice a month for 100-200 rounds.

I typically hit at about 1.45 to 1.6 seconds, but that’s on a 10″ target. Today’s 6″ plate was more of a challenge!

Never Holster an Unloaded Pistol

If your pistol is in a holster, make sure that it is ALWAYS loaded and chambered. If it is not loaded and chambered DO NOT put it in a holster. Your failure to follow this simple rule and advisable system will almost certainly get you or someone else killed.

This means at home, at the gun range, in a firearms class, …everywhere: if your pistol is unloaded, DO NOT put it in a holster. Only holster a loaded-and-chambered pistol.