Had a great time trying to kill bad guys and rescue folk in today’s office scenario active-shooter class at Proactive Defense. Lots of tricky angles, room clearing, hard-to-discern good-or-bad guys, and extremely tight shots. Some of the targets exposed only a tiny sliver of the bad guy’s head (Don’t shoot the hostage in the head! Oh, and don’t shoot the baby either!). Stressful and fun. Can’t wait to do this some more.

Below: Here’s a look at part of the layout for our office scenario. Tricky windows and hallways. The drone got footage of our runs.

office shoot-house layout


Below: Here’s Scott working on clearing a room that had an array of windows, while ROs and videographers look on. Had to get just the right angle to tell if it was good guys or bad guys waiting for you.

running the active-shooter scenario.


Below: Class debrief with Gunny and Brad. Great folks, great class.

class debrief