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Suspended From Twitter- Lol

Update 2/20/19: After my appeal, Twitter informs me that because of my “threat of violence” (against robots?) I’m permanently suspended from twitter. I’ve tried various other accounts and they’re each shut down within a matter of a couple minutes. Seems I’m gone forever form Twitter. All because they lack the capacity to see that my movie quote was directed in clear jest at Boston Dynamics’ creepy robots. It was fun hanging out with allayalls on twitter. Cheers.
– – –

So I’m suspended from Twitter. Again. As usual it is a completely farcical mistake. On their part.

twitter's mistake

So my movie quote from “Taken” directed toward the horrifying robots was taken as an actual threat of harm against folk. Twitter is literally the worst.

I’ve appealed and hope to be back up in a few days. Sigh.

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  1. ReplyHarambe-Actual
    Ugh, even I get the movie reference and have never see it. Also.... robot.
  2. Replydb_cooper
    To be real, it was never about the robots. It was an excuse to kick you off Twitter for your engaged position on firearms training and promotion of the 2nd Amendment.
    • Andy Rutledge
      Yes, of course. Second time this has happened. They got me for good this time.
  3. ReplyJosh Bruce
    Funny thing happened on the way to the weren't there. Did something based on a lot of the stuff you taught back in the day, because, as you said, "We're old, man!" Then found out you were go like Jester in Top Gun. Anyhow, weird to see you gone again:
  4. Replydb_cooper
  5. ReplyCandy
    Mr. Rutledge, I have never hear of you until today. I was browsing through Eagle Gun Range website and came across your article. I wanted to thank you for that. I am a 50 yr old woman with a 25 yr old son that reminds me a lot of you. He too, has been labeled a "threat to society". He was raised with firearms and taught to defend himself, by any means necessary. He is a very responsible citizen. I am am very proud of him. He is also loving, caring and willing to defend those in need around him. I have been called a bad mother, even by those close to me for defending him and his actions. We are caring and law abiding people. It was nice to read about someone else who understands. Thanks again. Candy
  6. ReplyDrew
    Damn man. Miss you. Always made me think, often made smile. Not the same without you. Wish you nothing but the best!
    • Andy Rutledge
      Thanks man.

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