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Ten Shots, 25 Yards, Nine Seconds

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Today I worked some 25-yard drills. Here I’m working from concealment to get 10 shots on target inside of 9 seconds. The wind was blowing hard, moving the target and maybe the shots around a bit, but the effect was likely negligible. Looks like the two lower and one left shot were outside of what I wanted (aiming for top of the triangle). Need moar training!

To be clear, I am not aiming for “the triangle.” These targets are from one of the templates the range has. I used it so I wouldn’t have to make my own. However, that marked area is not a good representation of proper shot placement. Instead I’m aiming for the top of the triangle (and a bit above and blow it). here is my actual target area. So here, 3 shots were (way) outside of what I was going for.

target area

Active Shooter / Hostage Rescue Class

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Had a great time trying to kill bad guys and rescue folk in today’s office scenario active-shooter class at Proactive Defense. Lots of tricky angles, room clearing, hard-to-discern good-or-bad guys, and extremely tight shots. Some of the targets exposed only a tiny sliver of the bad guy’s head (Don’t shoot the hostage in the head! Oh, and don’t shoot the baby either!). Stressful and fun. Can’t wait to do this some more.

Below: Here’s a look at part of the layout for our office scenario. Tricky windows and hallways. The drone got footage of our runs.

office shoot-house layout


Below: Here’s Scott working on clearing a room that had an array of windows, while ROs and videographers look on. Had to get just the right angle to tell if it was good guys or bad guys waiting for you.

running the active-shooter scenario.


Below: Class debrief with Gunny and Brad. Great folks, great class.

class debrief

Ammo Arrives

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I love it when the ammo arrives (once or twice a week). It’s been so long since I bought .223 rounds, I forgot how lovely 500 rifle rounds can look.

.223 rounds

First Match of the Year 2017

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Today was the North Texas Lead Farmers‘ February match at Proactive Defense. I missed January so this is my first match of the year. Results have not been published yet, but I expect I finished in the middle of the pack. Not happy about that, but it’s been a while since I did a run ‘n gun match.

Update: I finished 4th out of 37 competitors today. I’m quite surprised to have done that well. I’ll take it.

As always, I ran from concealment. Train like you fight, or whatever.

I only got one video, stage 4. This one went fair, but I cannot explain the late mag exchange before the final window -or- the delayed last shot. Stuff happens, man.

Fun times!

Remington 700 VTR Chassis .308

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I got to put my hands on and bunch of rounds through my friend Keith’s Remington 700 VTR chassis .308 today. I have to say it’s a fantastic setup. It’s about the lightest chassis .308 I’ve ever picked up. Thoroughly enjoyed shooting this bad boy. Check out the triangular barrel and integral brake cuts!

Rem700 VTR .308