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New Surefire XC1 on My Glock 30s

Got another Surefire XC1 light, this time for the Glock 30s. I love this gun (really fits my hand) and have come to really like this light. I say the XC1 is the best pistol light for concealed carry, bar none.

Interesting note: the G30s frame’s picatinny rail has but one slot and it is very far forward. This puts the XC1 a few millimeters beyond the frame; needlessly.

Glock 30s with Surefire XC1

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  1. ReplyMunson
    I have seen many negative reviews of this light. I love the concept, but I'm wondering if you've experienced any of the shortcomings of the light or did you get a gem? Also I was wondering if any of the issues have been addressed? Namely the erratic performance of the light (doesn't always come on when you need it too) and how easy it is to accidentally activate the constant on function and run the battery out sitting in the holster. Thanks
    • Andy Rutledge
      This is the perfect concealed-carry light, in my opinion. Both of mine work 100% properly and I train with mine 3-4 days/week with hundreds of live-fire drills from concealment each week. I would have no other light. I expect that many of the negative experiences are from counterfeit models, as there are many of them out there.

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