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Glock 19 Report: 30,000 Rounds In

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments
Glock 19 Report: 30,000 Rounds In

I purchased my Glock 19 Gen4 in mid December, 2013; just about one year ago. In this past year since purchase, I’ve put more than 30,000 rounds through it in training and competition. In those 30K+ rounds, for every round I fed into the pistol, I pulled the trigger it went “bang.” Every round fired every time.

While most of the ammo I’ve fired through this pistol was Federal white box and Freedom Munitions 115gr ball ammo, and a lot of Copper-Matrix NTF frangible rounds, I have also fired hundreds of defensive rounds from Remington, Federal, Winchester, Hornady, and Speer—including hollow point and plastic-filled/tipped rounds of 115, 124, and 147 grain.

With every brand, grain, and type of round fire, not even one single failure:

  • No stovepipes
  • No failures to feed
  • No double feeds

Running my Glock 19 in competition.
Above: Running my Glock 19 in competition.

There was a stretch around 10,000 rounds or so where I tried an after market recoil spring that turned out to be too light for this pistol. The result was a tendency to delay going into full battery for a second or so after some shots. I remedied this issue by going back to a stock recoil spring. Even in that period of after-market folly, every round chambered and fired (and never an anomaly of any kind using a stock spring).

With 30K rounds fired in less than one year, that means that I’ve fired at least 600 rounds per week, every week, with just this pistol; one of several that I own and train regularly with.

Parts Replacements

As is advisable, I have replaced the recoil spring a few times (two of those was with the aforementioned and ill-fated after-market springs). The current spring is only a few thousand rounds in and is a stock, Gen4 spring. As this Glock 19 is my primary competition gun, I replaced the trigger connector and springs in favor of a 3.5 lb setup after about 10,000 rounds. I have replaced the trigger spring twice, each after about 10,000 rounds (and it’s likely time to do so again, now). I also replaced the slide release lever with an extended model, yet find I almost never use it.

While I don’t mind the configuration of Glock’s stock sights, I do not like or use plastic sights so I replaced these with Glock factory tritium night sights. Sights have to be durable and stand up to punishment. Iron over plastic every time.

glock 19

Report Conclusions

I believe the Glock 19 is an almost perfect pistol, given its reliability, size, capacity, concealability, and general suitability for everyday carry and for competition. Given the competition-friendly modifications I made to mine, I no longer use my Glock 19 as an EDC, but I use it a couple times a month for competition and train with it quite a bit at both the target range and the practical range.

I’m a bit fastidious with regard to cleaning and upkeep, but my G19 functions as well and looks as good today, after 30K rounds, as it did when it had just 500 rounds through it. I would recommend the Glock 19 as anyone’s first pistol purchase and as a must-have for every pistol enthusiast’s collection.

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