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EDC 2017

by Andy Rutledge 2 Comments

My everyday carry complement stays pretty consistent, but I do change out components and sometimes add or remove an item. Here is my current EDC kit, with notes to follow:

edc 2017

My EDC complement includes the following:

…and it all rides on or near a Core Essentials Trakline rigid-core EDC belt.

Yes, this means I’ve got 3 full magazines of 9mm on me at all times. We are at war and in wartime one never knows whether a life-and-death situation means a lone mugger or a team of trained terrorists in a public place. Might take a few rounds to get out (or get my family out) safety.

If you’re a responsible citizen, I hope you have a similar EDC complement, with at least a good pistol, backup mag, light, tourniquet, and at at least one knife. Hang as much of it as possible on your belt to keep your pockets free. Stay safe, stay trained, and be vigilant.

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  1. ReplyJeff
    Which rfid shield wallet do you recommend?
    • Andy Rutledge
      Hey Jeff, I don't think I can recommend. I think a wallet is a very personal item that is best tailored to the individual's taste, needs, and comfort. Also to how/where a man carries it. I carry in my front pocket and prefer a minimalist wallet. There are many, including bulky aluminum (tactical?) wallets, leather, and fabric. Plenty kinds available to suit your specific preference and needs.

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