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Pistol Drills: Counterattacks from Compromised Positions

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

These pistol drills are what I’d call compulsory for everyday carriers. You don’t want your attempt to save your life to be the first time you try shooting from your stomach or side or back. Train first with a competent instructor and then practice on your own so that you know what you’re doing should the need arise.

Training works! Not training works, too, but rather in a bad way.

Pistol Drill: Speed Drill No.1: Controlled Pairs

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

This is a drill that I practice on a regular basis in order to develop and maintain the ability to hit the “GO” button and be proficient and accurate if I ever need to.

I’m performing this drill here at 5 yards.
There are two ways I practice this drill. One way is for cadence. I’ll fire the first 3 or 4 or 5 shots with a specific, fast cadence in mind, then follow up with the reload and face shot. The other way is what I’m demonstrating here: two controlled pairs followed by a reload and shot to the face.

The practical logic here is that I’m shooting to stop a threat with controlled pairs to the vital area of the chest. The gun runs dry and so I reload and, since the threat was not stopped by the previous shots, I follow up with one more to the occulonasal area of the face.

I run this drill at 5, 7 and 10 yards. It’s important to to get comfortable with the fast cadence and to work for accuracy in all of the shots. You have to learn to trust to your grip and fundamentals for speed shooting–and correct them when and if they fail you in a drill like this.

Pistol Drill: Shooting While Moving to Cover

by Andy Rutledge 0 Comments

This is a demonstration, not instruction. Be sure to seek professional instruction for any firearm drills you plan to run in your own practice.

This is a very contextually specific drill, as it is not always safe and appropriate to take lower-percentage shots like this in public; bystanders may make it wholly inappropriate. However, I think it is important to develop a high skill level for shooting accurately while moving quickly.

And, yes, it’s galling to watch that first-shot miss over and over, but that’s why they call it training. I still have plenty left to do.