My first time ever shooting .50BMG. Felt soft, but violent; like being shoved by a buddy. I like this buddy. What you hear after the shot is what you hear after every .50BMG shot: joyous laughter. 🙂

I’m holding the front of the magwell to ensure that it was 100% snugged into my body. I didn’t want to chance a sucker punch.

I bore-sighed the barrel at the 2″ target at 50 yards and then dialed the scope onto that. First shot was 2″ right (the shot shown in this vid). Corrected and put 3 more on target (1″ low for 100-yd shot next): 2 shots from me and let a friend take the last one.

On paper now and ready for 100-to-200-yard walk-out for zero next!